Workout Packages

Are you sick of going to the gym and having no idea what to do and heading straight to the treadmill? Or you can’t get to the gym and need some workouts to follow at home?


Kelfit is offering Home and Gym workout videos that will help you train your FULL BODY. The workouts not only help you work a range of muscle groups, enable you to become familiar with proper use of equipment, they are also fun and easy to follow. 

Every workout takes approx. 45 minutes to complete and has been personally tested out by Kel, to ensure they are of the best quality and something you will enjoy!

There are 12 home workout videos and 12 gym workout videos available for purchase. (Use the videos twice a week you have 12 weeks worth of content, 3 times a week you have 6 weeks…..and so on.)

So if you need workouts that are easy to follow and you want to get an effective training session in you’re in the RIGHT PLACE!

Purchase your workout package here:

*Home workout package £20

*Gym workout package £20

*Home & gym workout package £30

*Kel will email you the package within 24 hours of purchase.

*I abide to T&C’s when purchasing this package. T&C’s here.

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