Pre & Post Natal Training

Woman taking part in Pre & Post Natal Training in KelFit's private studio.

Do you want to train whilst pregnant, or after having your baby, but don’t know what exercises you can and can’t do?

Do you want to workout in a safe, non-judgemental environment where you feel comfortable?

Would you like to keep up with your training regime, but don’t have the know how, equipment, or tools to programme a safe and effective training session?

That’s where I come in!

I’m a fully qualified personal trainer who also specialises in pre & post natal training.

I care to offer ‘the full package.’ I care that if someone were to come to me and tell me ‘I’m pregnant & I want to train’ or I want to train with you after having my baby, that I have all the tools and knowledge in place to train you in a safe and effective way.

Its important to me that anyone in my studio, be it a pre or post natal client, that you trust in me, you learn from me and more than anything you feel comfortable and safe with me !!

I have the tools and know how to train you, I know training has incredible benefits both pre and post-natally and that is something Ill promote / inform you of in session & I have the studio…..A safe, non judgmental environment where its just you & I so that eliminates any added pressure you may feel when training in a busy gym.

So If you want to join me in pre & post natal training, please fill in the link below or head to the contact page if you have a Question.

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