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“Kel is the most positive person and I’m so glad I came for that first session just over a year ago. I’ve gone from never feeling comfortable in the gym to now feeling fitter than ever and so much more confident. I can’t thank you enough.”


“Biggest smile on my face today, Kel has helped me loose 11.5 Inches”


“Loved my first session with KelFit. Such a gorgeous studio and private too! Loved the fact that nobody was there, making me feel self-conscious.


“I’ve never stepped foot in a gym, started with Kel, now I have a routine, have met goals and made an amazing friend”


“One of the best personal trainers around, always so positive and motivational whose clients turn into friends”


“Thanks for tonight Kel. You make me feel so supported and push me further than I ever thought I could go. I’m loving seeing these results!”


“You push me when I need it. You listen when I need you to and you get me the results I want. You’re the best and I honestly mean that. You have everyone’s best interest at heart.”


“You can tell you’re very passionate and love your job. You work me hard and I always feel boss after. I love all the support you give me and I’ve always been scared of getting a PT, but you don’t judge and you made me feel comfortable from the minute I stepped in the studio.”


“Loved that session Kel feel like I’m becoming fitter each time.“


“Love my PT sessions with Kel. Always there to help with anything.”


“OMG I’m destroyed after that. Thanks Kel you were brilliant.“


“You are ruthless!”


Loved my first ever session with Kel. The most positive person you will ever meet


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